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So often we don't know for sure if we've truly been of help to someone, or how we may have touched their life. For that reason, it's gratifying to be told occasionally how much someone has been helped by our work together. Here I share some of their comments with you.


"I feel like you're putting me back together". GH, 60-something male

"You're the only massage therapist for me." JL, 40-something male

"That was the most amazing session of energy work I've ever experienced. I feel completely safe with you in this space." PS, 60+ female

"I've had a lot of massage and that's the best massage I've ever had!" LR, 50 ish female

"You're finding sore muscles I didn't even know I had!" spoken by most clients who have deep tissue work.

"ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz", say many clients who come for stress relief.

"When I win Publishers', I'll be here every week", VH, 60 ish female

"I feel like a totally new woman", SJ, 30 something

"That's the first time I've been able turn my neck in weeks!" DF, 50+ male

"I slept like a baby after my massage with you, for the first time in months" SC 40+ female

"My neck and shoulders are so much looser and lighter now" CL, 16 female

"Just those few sessions with you enabled me to make some changes in my life I'd been needing to make but didn't have the courage; thank you so much!" DS, 50+ female after a series of energywork sessions.

"This work (energywork) helps keep me balanced and calm when life gets crazy" SM, 40+ male

"Just knowing I have an appointment for massage coming up helps keep me going" JC, 60+ female

"I was nervous about getting my first massage and you made me feel really safe and respected, like I was in charge." (You were!) CS, 14 female

"I'll always make sure there's room in my budget for my massages with you every other week." BG, 50, male

"I always sleep like a log after I've seen you", 89 year old female who receives Clinical Acupressure from me.

"I feel like this is one of the only times I can really relax and let down my guard", 19 year old female athlete receiving combination massage and Clinical Acupressure.

"You're just as important a part of my health care team as my doctor!", 55 year old female who receives combination massage and energy work.

"That was exactly what I was hoping for and so much more!" 56 year old female first time client.

Come and feel for yourself if I'm the right practitioner for you; one session and you'll know.


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